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11 October 2022

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First Name : Clarence9
Sex : Man
Status : Single, with children
Birthday : Unknown
Area : Proche Nouméa

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The black cat's eyes sparkled: "You don't have to do anything, just stay with me. You are the link between me and the world. I am strong when you are strong." Because it is a bond that has been following me, I always feel so unwilling. Then, wouldn't it help you more if I went to learn metaphysics? "With your temper, you can't stand the obscurity of metaphysics." Said the black cat distrustfully. The master is on the stage, and he is worshipped by his disciples. I clasped my hands together and said, "This is not only for it, but also for myself. If it can really be reborn, it will not stay with me anymore. I can't rely on it all the time. I want to have my own strength to protect myself and the people around me.". The black cat stared at me for a while and sighed, "Although I don't think you are the material, if the lady insists, the husband will certainly do his best." I immediately beamed. I was full of curiosity about the unknown world. "Master, what shall we learn first?"? First learn to draw symbols, or first learn to place the array? "Throw this kind of book away first, and you can only let the layman read a smattering of knowledge. What you want to read is not what you can borrow from the library." The black cat patted the paranormal encyclopedia on my bed. Where can I borrow books that I can't borrow from the library? My hometown won't lend me books. When I was a child, I heard that the books in my hometown were handed down from ancestors and would not lend them to outsiders easily. I should be almost the same as outsiders in my hometown. Your foundation is so bad that you can't understand the Gao family's books even if you lend them to you. The black cat made a helpless expression. Brother Cat doesn't take you to hit people like this, just like every time the new semester begins,heavy duty metal racks, the teacher will talk about it again. It doesn't matter if you didn't learn it well last semester. It's not too late to work hard this semester. Diligence can make up for clumsiness. God rewards diligence. The most important thing is that I firmly do not believe that I will be the descendant of the most chicken ribs in the history of the Gao family. Master! Have a little faith in the disciple, and the disciple will surely glorify the school! I promise the black cat. The fool who helped your classmate lose weight and almost killed him last time. Although he was half a bucket of water, his posture was standard. He should be a famous teacher. You can borrow her book for reference. I remember the cat brother said this person, I also saved her mobile phone number, looked through the address book, her name is Zhou Jing, last time I let her go,push back racking system, now she should not borrow two books. I called Zhou Jing, and after the phone was connected, a lazy voice came from a woman who had just woken up. I was sure that at noon, her biological clock had fallen to what kind of state! When she heard my voice, she woke up immediately and explained to me again and again that she had never lent the kid out again. I spent the capacity of a glass of saliva to calm her mood, and then I got a gap to tell her that I just wanted to borrow some simple books. Zhou Jing breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That's no problem. Master gave me several books that I don't like to read. My home is 902, Unit 1, Building 87, Xinghai Community, M City, S Province. Come and get it." Following the address given by Zhou Jing, mobile racking systems ,mobile racking systems, Xiaohei and I arrived at Zhou Jing's house. As soon as I entered the house, I was shocked! What a messy beauty it is. There are piles of clothes on the ground that I don't know whether I have worn them or not, leftover instant noodle boxes, crushed biscuits, crumpled amulets and even half of an apple that has been oxidized out of shape. If Lin Sijia sees this, she will lose hope for the whole world. The visitor is a guest. You sit down first, and I'll look for the book. Zhou Jing looks very enthusiastic. I glanced at the sofa, which was full of rags. Forget it. I'll stand. After a while, Zhou Jing held several thick books in her arms and gave them to me: "Look at these books first. They are all commonly used Taoist amulets. But I think what Master gave me may be pirated. I drew them according to them. It doesn't work. It must be that the amulets are printed wrong." Blackie turned over a few pages of the book and said, "The amulets are all correct. Your amulet doesn't work because you don't have enough spiritual power. It has nothing to do with the amulet." Ahem, Brother Cat, you should be tactful in dealing with people and things. You see, you hurt Zhou Jing, and her eyes are black. I never thought that one day what I wrote with a pen was not a paper on the scientific concept of development, but a strange Taoist amulet. I held out my chest, lifted my buttocks, pulled in my abdomen, and wrote vigorously and forcefully. At one go, I soon completed the first ghost retreat amulet in my life. Blackie touched the amulet I had drawn a few times with his paws: "It looks like the spirit, but it doesn't look like the spirit. It has no spirit.". ” Run with tears! I'm as lucky as I can. Why don't I have Reiki? It doesn't matter. I comfort myself. It always hurts for the first time. Failure is the mother of success. Who can run away when he is born? Those brothers and sisters in my hometown may not be as good as me when they draw charms for the first time. Although I heard that the first charms of Jiang Fengyi shocked the ancient corpses. Maybe drawing charms is my weak point, and putting on a battle array is my strong point. I tried to trap a small beetle with a five-heart trap array, but it ended in failure. Tears ran again, I am sorry for success, I found him a stepmother, it doesn't matter, people have mistakes, horses have stumbles, this must be just a beautiful mistake, although I heard that when Gao Xiya was ten years old, she could drive the five ghosts to deploy. Since I borrowed a few books from Zhou Jing, Zhou Jing has been very interested in me. In her words, it is not easy to meet colleagues in the cement city, especially when she learned that I was a loser like her who "drew symbols ineffectively and put them useless", she simply regarded me as a long-lost sister. The rat droppings floating alone in a pot of soup suddenly met another rat droppings, which was so touching. Zhou Jing calls me several times every day enthusiastically, telling me what she has studied and understood, and what secret recipes she has found. Xiaohei always presses the refuse button without waiting for her to finish. Stupid, it's contagious. Blackie said this to me. Actually Zhou Jing and I should be infected with each other. In order to cultivate inspiration, I went to Nanling Cemetery every day to close my eyes and listen to the voice in the wind according to Xiaohei's instructions. Unfortunately, I could not hear anything except the wind. When I opened my eyes,industrial racking systems, I saw only the same sunny and empty cemetery as usual. There must be some disappointment, but I would never lose heart. I did not believe that my failures had no fertility, and there would be success!. jracking.com 

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