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"Demon Heaven, do you know where the lower passage of the fairy world is? How many ways can people in the fairy world go down?" Yun Yang asked, since the main threat now comes from the fairy world, then, Yun Yang does not do anything, where will be at ease. Why do you ask? The demon was a little surprised that Yunyang suddenly jumped to this topic. If I can, I want to destroy all the lower passages of the fairy world. How about it? Are you interested in it? Yun Yang showed a playful smile, only when he was calculating something, he would do so. Destroy all the lower passages of the fairy world? Ziyun Demon King opened his eyes wide, this guy, how could he think of this, however, if it is really possible, immediately Ziyun Demon King was moved. Demon day is also a Leng, suddenly, he found himself or looked down on the cloud Yang this guy, even dare to play such an idea, but, it seems, really good. Chapter 314 destroy the space passage. In a desolate star field in the realm of cultivation, three figures suddenly appeared. It was the Demon Heaven, Yunyang and Ziyun Demon King. At this time, they had destroyed four passages in the lower world of immortals. These passages were all known by the Demon Heaven himself in those years. Of course, no one used them now. Here is one of the other channels known from Crowe and others. Although Yunyang's plan was crazy, it was indeed the most effective way to stop people from coming down from the fairy world at that time. Without a ready-made channel from the lower world, if the fairy world wanted to send people down again,ibc spill pallet, it would have to re-open a new channel. Otherwise, they would only stare at things in the real world. Demon, are you sure you can seal the passage by destroying the exits of those passages like that? Yun Yang asked, this matter, he really has no experience, but the demon day with them, has been around several places. Of course, you think those channels are stable, ah,plastic pallet suppliers, I destroyed the inside part, where you use the power of space to break the weak space, as long as after a period of time, where there will be no space to be used, unless they again from where to clear the way, otherwise want to go down, that is not thinking. Said the demon with certainty. This time the three of them cooperate, the demon day with his strong strength to disturb the space in the channel, and Yunyang and Ziyun Demon King, is to use the power of space to completely change the space after the disturbance, Yunyang and Ziyun Demon King can use such space power, big beyond the demon day's expectation, but he knows the abyss of nothingness, that place, for him is not a mysterious place. But in that kind of space, even if is the demon day, also must eat deflated. And the so-called space channel, but also a relatively weak space, plastic pallet crates ,secondary containment pallet, can let the people of the fairy world more smoothly through the raging space turbulence, now they are more violent and dangerous, this space channel, is also closed. Next, they went through all the known places that might become the lower world passage except the lower world transport array of the central star field surrounded by the eight sects. These weak space points, under the influence of the three of them, became extremely dangerous. In the words of the demon heaven, the arrangement was that if he wanted to pass through such a place, he would have to die. This reassured Yunyang and Ziyun Demon King. A few months later, they finally destroyed the other known weak space points, leaving only the last destination, that is, the eight sects. For the eight sects, the demon heaven has no impression, because in his time, there was no existence of these eight sects, they all rose after he was sealed, so for him, it is not worth mentioning. Demon Heaven, are you sure you want to capture the immortals of the eight sects and the other seven sects with immortals? Yun Yang and Ziyun Demon King stood behind the demon heaven. On the way, the demon heaven suddenly asked about the situation of these sects. Yun Yang had hidden killing as an intelligence network. Naturally, he was very clear about these fifteen sects. "You're doing so absolutely, are you still afraid of a little more absolutely? Hum, those bullshit immortals, keep it, it's better for Lao Tzu to guard the door. In this way, even if the fairy world wants to contact here, it will be more difficult. I will not only catch all their immortals, but also destroy their communication points. See what they can do to me?" Cloud Yang and Ziyun Demon King look at each other, immediately speechless, but this is also good, may be able to buy more time. Demon day, or I see this, we not only get their immortals, but also catch all the scattered immortals who have been robbed more than three times. How about that? Yun Yang suddenly said. Had it not been for the endless death of the guys in the fairy world, they would have really wanted to destroy these sects. But think about the power of the eight sects in the fairy world. They also think about the future. Although they have done very well now, they have not reached the point of endless death. But if they really destroy the eight sects and the seven first-class sects, it would be a completely different nature. That's your business. I'm only responsible for dealing with immortals. The demon was stunned, but he was not interested in those scattered immortals. That's settled. We can't catch all of them. We can catch those we meet. Yun Yang laughed. In the middle of the central star field where the eight sects are located, the lower world of immortals is where the transport array is located. This has always been the place where the eight sects are heavily guarded. There are thousands of masters of the eight schools stationed here all the year round, and it is not far from the eight schools, so it has always been safe. Around the transport array, there are eight fixed castles, here, garrisoned with eight sects of people, of which the highest repair is the six plunder scattered immortals, these people, here all the year round, without mobilization, can not leave the planet. The demon sky took Yunyang and Ziyun Demon King to the periphery of the planet. The planet was set up by the eight sects. If you break in directly, you will definitely be touched. Yunyang, are you sure you can go in without these things? Demon day asked, if not for the scruples of touching the people sent by the Eight Gates to add trouble to their destruction of the space transmission array, the demon day would like to break in directly. But if you go in quietly, and then destroy all the things here that can lead to the fairy world, and then deal with other people,collapsible pallet bin, it is much simpler, when the time comes, they can come to support the eight school masters. binpallet.com

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